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The community served by the Parish of the Risen Christ in Smokey Mountain, Tondo is one of the most densely populated areas in Manila. Lining the narrow street are 30 buildings of the government's low-cost housing program, each building with 120 families. These families, along with workers from the nearby North Harbor, were the parish's target beneficiaries for its community pantry on April 30.


Rose Dalagan, a parish volunteer who helped organize the activity, said they had distributed stubs to just 300 families, but almost 500 gathered after hearing food packs were being distributed. "Some came from as far as Navotas, they lived under the bridge there. Fortunately we were able to get many donations, and everyone left with something."

Tanging Yaman Foundation donated 13 boxes (624 cans) of Karne Norte to the community pantry. We salute the team of Fr Noel Gatchalian for continuously serving the hungry.

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