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In a recent trip to Cebu, TYF chairman Fr Manoling Francisco SJ visited Brgy Inayawan, site of the former dumpsite where residents continue to make a living by scavenging.

There, he met with Enfant Du Mekong which manages six daycare centers with the help of community volunteers. The women go to the market and cook meals every day, which the men then deliver to the daycare centers and 60 elderly residents. In a daycare center Fr Manoling visited, the space had been expanded using hardiflex donated by TYF.

He also met with some of the winners of 12 e-bikes donated by TYF that were raffled off in December 2022. By driving passengers around the community, the e-bike owner earns approx. P400/day, with P50 spent for charging the battery.

During the visit, Fr Manoling was joined by representatives of the Cenacle Sisters who provide values formation classes in the community.

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