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EGG-LAYING Livelihood Program for Women Survivors of Yolanda in Samar

Name of the Barangay              Identified Donor(s)

1) Brgy. San Antonio (Basey)     -           NASSA
2) Brgy(Basey)                             -           NASSA
3) Brgy. Tag-(Marabut)                -           NASSA / MISEREOR
4) Brgy.(Hinabangan)                 -           SINP
5) Brgy.(Hinabangan)                 -           SINP
6) SALC                                        -           SAC
7) SALC                                        -           SAC
8) *Brgy. Sta.  (Marabut)             -           Tanging Yaman
9) *Brgy          (Basey)                  -           Tanging Yaman
10)*So. FFF (San Antonio)       -           Tanging Yaman

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-eXxt3MSIdSA/UyaYJVw62mI/AAAAAAAADwM/UL0CJahugU0/w1141-h856-no/Brgy.+Sta+Rita.JPGCurrently, several layers are still in the ‘shock’ stage probably due to the long travel and it may take more weeks or even a month to ‘de-stress’ the layers so that all 48 layers in a set will lay eggs on a regular basis.

The feeding regimen had been posted in each chicken house and only 1 caretaker is in charge of feeding to minimize stress. Other members have their own regular assigned tasks (cleaning, recording and marketing). Meanwhile, the SAC and the parish teams continue to monitor the project and regularly communicate with PILMICO for technical assistance.

The SAC also envisions integrating the egg laying project with organic vegetable production, thus it intends to train women beneficiaries on organic vegetables and tohttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-ziSmjCOvsEA/UyaYJHbqi9I/AAAAAAAADwE/V8CNB7Jx6e4/w1024-h768-no/So.+FFF.JPG utilize the chicken manure as organic fertilizer. This engagement would necessarily diversify production and rural income.

This project is relatively new and of small scale but the women groups are already generating an initial income from the sales of the eggs for local consumption. How to sustain their interests to make this project work on their own is a challenge that the SAC has recognized.

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